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Below you’ll find the policies for Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. Shop, these policies have been carefully written and placed to protect you, (“the client/customer”) and Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd., (“the designer”). It is recommended that you view these policies prior to purchasing or contacting us for projects. By purchasing from Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd., you are agreeing to these policies.

Payments & Pricing

All pricing at Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. is subject to change at any time and becomes effective upon posting to this site. If there has been an agreed pricing between (the designer) and (the client) before changes have been made, it will remain valid until that project is completed. For projects $999 and under, payment in full is required before work will begin. For projects over $1000, a 60% non-refundable payment is required before any work commences. Unless purchasing directly from the site, full payment or deposits must be paid within 24 hours of receipt of invoice or the project is subject to cancellation. All remaining unpaid balances will be due within 24 hours of your final approval of the design concept. Once the final payment is made, the project will be finalized and all files/printed items will be sent to you. Payments can be made via our website, Email Money Transfer, Western Union and Cash in hand. No project will begin until payment has been 100% cleared for all payments $999 and under. All payments are made in Canadian Dollars.


Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. does not provide refunds for any services unless agreed upon. Having buyers remorse or wanting to use another company instead is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made, all sales are FINAL. It is advised that you give your project sufficient time for completion for these reasons: Revisions may be needed, there may be a peak in the orders received or prior orders may take slightly longer than expected. We provide a reasonable timeframe for each project, however, there may be an additional time needed before we can begin the job, if it’s a busy time. If for any reason you want to cancel a service already rendered or paid for, that is your choice. However, due to the work produced or in queue, payments already received by Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. will not be refunded in order to offset the loss of business. If partial work has already been received by the client and they wish to cancel, the partial or full payment that has been paid will not be refunded. Ownership of all artwork, layouts and development will remain the property of Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. and remaining work will not be sent to the client for their ownership. If the project is in it’s final stage, ownership will be transferred to client after full payment is received. Refunds are only issued in the event Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. is unable to complete the project for specific reasons.


Images/Designs of ANY kind are for the purpose of approval only. They may not be copied, manipulated, or distributed to any other person or company other than those directly involved with the project without prior permission from Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. . All design works are the property of Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd.


For all designs proofed by Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. only (3) revisions are allowed. After that, all additional revisions will incur a $5-50 fee per revision, depending on the project. For larger scale projects like web design, the number of revision is limited to 3 as well. This is to ensure a steady work flow so your project can be completed in a reasonable time frame.

Design Content

It is important to have a vision of some kind for your business so it can be relayed to us properly. If you want us to design without a mockup or any sample designs, keep in mind our creative visions may not match yours and can lead to more revisions, delaying the lauch of the website. It is best to have atleast some form on concept on the project you are purchasing. Clients are required to submit all HIGH QUALITY photos, written contents and all information needed for their project. Pixelated photos will result in a subpar look. Please refrain from submitting any dull phone images, screenshots or low quality photos. Please make sure all submitted content is spell checked and not subject to copyright. We may revise submitted content if deemed necessary for the the project. Any revisions on our end will be communicated first.

Time Frames

It is extremely important to complete projects in a timely manner. However, due to the uniqueness of each projects by our client, extended time may be needed for satisfied completion. Please be advised that all time frames relate to business days only. During peak/busy times, there may be an extension in the design timeframe of 2-7 business days. Weekends and Holidays are not included in the time frame of any project.

Content Delivery Files/Policy

All design only projects are sent to you (“The Client/Customer”) in the form of email from Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. Logo design files will always be sent in JPG, PNG, PDF and AI or PSD format. There’s no additional charge for the vector format as this is an essential file format that can be scaled to any size. Other digital projects (flyers, brochures, graphics, etc) are sent in JPG or PNG format. If a PDF file is needed, we will need to be contacted to supply that for you.  All core PSD or AI files remain the property of Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. even if a copy has been supplied to (the client/customer). Once a project has been finalized and the files have been delivered to (the client/customer) with the exception of core files, the client owns the rights to use those files. Copyrighting and/or trademarking your logo is solely up to you and not the responsibility of Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. Once completed, you (the client) also give Mogashi Media Solutions Ltd. the right to use those designs for portfolio and/or marketing purposes unless agreed upon otherwise.

Last updated 11/20/2022

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